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Kaley Willow: Other Music

Piano Worktapes

Gethsemane (Music Only Worktape)

Wide Is The Path (But Narrow's the Way) Worktape


(Kaley Willow)
©Kaley Willow(Donna Raudenbush) 2007

In memory of Trenty...

What Can I Say (Piano Worktape)

So Much Of Him Lives On (Piano Worktape)

Only September Knows

Forever's A Long Long Time (Piano Melody Worktape)

Death of a Sunset (Piano Worktape)

Winter Lullaby (Piano Worktape)

Children's Music Worktapes

Merry Mouse Waltz (Worktape)

The Elephant Waltz (Worktape)

(© Lyrics and Music,Kaley Willow; All Rights Reserved)

Room Enough For Love

(©2008 Kaley Willow (Donna Raudenbush)

 A disney like children's ballad about making room for one more in the family. 

Blankey Blue ( Worktape)

Flutterby Butterfly (Worktape)

(©Lyrics Kaley Willow, Wyman Griffith; Music, Kaley Willow)
Will Post Lyrics As Time Permits

Tonight I'll Hold You Only In My Dreams (From Cheddar Lane)

(©Lyrics and Music;Kaley Willow)

From Cheddar Lane ....Two mice in love.

Will Post Lyrics As Time Permits   

Now It's Sleepy Time (An Accapella Lullaby Worktape)

(©Lyrics..& Music,Kaley Willow)
Will Post Lyrics As Time Permits

The Hopping Song (Worktape)

Recordings and Demos

Gethsemane (Version 2)

(©Lyrics, Lynn Orloff,Kaley Willow;©Music, Kaley Wilow; Demo Denny Martin, Vocals, Dave Brooks.)

Lauryn's Lullaby

Think Of Me

(©Lyrics,Trudi Cross, Kaley Willow; Music, Kaley Willow. Arranged/Produced by Golden Song Productions; Eliza Furr, Vocals.)

A voice for the unborn

will post lyrics as time permits

Winter Lullaby

(©Lyrics and Music,Kaley Willow; Guitar/Vocal, Heather Cowels)

Once Upon A Place

(Lyrics and Music, ©Kaley Willow; Mike Dunbar Demo; Renee Martin, Vocalist.)

As if....looking back in time.

Dancing On The Waves

(Lyrics, Wyman Griffith & Kaley Willow; Music, Kaley Willow; Mike Dunbar Demo; Renee Martin,Vocalist.)

The Reason

(Lyrics, ©Graham Henderson;Music,©Kaley Willow; Demo by Jason Brian Adams)

Forever's A Long Long Time

(Lyrics, ©Pete Gallatin; Music,©Kaley Willow; Demo by Scot Crandal)
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