Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you'll check out my music, sign the guestbook and say Hi!! I feel blessed to be able to write music! It's a gift from God for me to use.  I'm so very thankful for it and want to use it wisely. I'm a published songwriter who has written in a variety of genres from Children's Songs to Hymns, Contemporary Christian, Country, Adult Contemporary and more...under the Pen name Kaley Willow.

The Kingdom Road cd released in November, 2011, was a Big change from the 3 previous CD's.  In the beginning of 2010, I began feeling very convicted about sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and the Coming Kingdom of God in song.  Kingdom Road is being shared to encourage and offer hope!  I'm continuing to add more of the cd tracks (samples) to this site!  You can purchase the cds directly from me (Donna Raudenbush) at or purchase at CD under Kaley Willow or call 570-250-2756.  Donations are also very welcome to recoup and cover costs.  All sales and donations from Kingdom Road are going directly into producing a follow-up children's Kingdom Road CD.

 I want to thank the folks who have purchased and Church groups and individuals who have prayed for and encouraged me, and offered suggestions....As of April, 2013, I have about 90% of the monies needed to begin! Thank you God for this blessing.

Kingdom Road Backing tracks are available for special music use or other Church settings, just contact me  or 570-250-2756.

Thank you all....