Church of God Music Websites/& Working on Children's CD! 



A friend of our family, Mark Rusinko,has a beautiful new song called ...The Agony.  Mark also has a brand new website to check out where he's adding more songs!! (sorry Mark hope this link fixes things)!!

Looking for special music for services?The Eternal Church of God has recently opened a wing of their website called True Gospel Music

Two more Church of God Music Sites to check out with lots of nice music and more! http://chu

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Children's CD late 2013 Release Planned 

Have been working whenever I can on songs for a followup CD to Kingdom Road.  This one will be for kids (and family).  Am hoping for  the cd to have 14 - 16 songs.  Thanks to folks purchasing Kingdom Road and saving everything I can....I'm  3/4 the way to being able to start......  I've also been blessed with several other songs and song starts lately which will go on a later CD (God Willing) including a pretty one inspired by the 23rd Psalm.  A lot of new songs (and song starts are at)  http://churchofgo

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Kingdom Road CD Released 

...A labor of love that began in early 2010! 18 original songs with the central theme..Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.  For Sale at CD Baby, (soon at Itunes, Rhapsody, Medianet, Amazon etc.) or contact Donna at *All donations/sales from Kingdom Road will be used for followup releases with the Kingdom theme! Can't afford a CD? let me know...I'll see that you get a copy of the music and artwork.   

Working on New CD!! 

I'm working on a Faith Based CD..about the coming Kingdom of God.  There will be 16 original songs included.. offering hope and encouragement! 

Just Plain Folks Music Award Nominations 

Our children's CD, Miss Willow's Fence Row (Griffith/Willow), Produced by James Coffey, Blue Vision Music, received a nomination in the JPF Music Awards. Thank you JPF and Judges "Some Day Some Way" (Griffith/Willow), Producer; James Coffey, Blue Vision Music, Vocalist: Amy Moser, from the CD, Miss Willow's Fence Row, received a nomination in Children's Songs. Thank you JPF and judges

I Want To Run Beneath the Raindrops...Inspirational Lyric...Nominated and was a Finalist in the Lyrical Category…

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Parents' Choice Award 

Miss Willow's Fence Row received A 2008 Parents' Choice Award (Griffith/Willow)

Miss Willow's Fence Row CD 

Griffith and Willow have recently released ..Miss Willow's Fence Row...This CD features the animal families living just...outside Miss Willow's door.. in an old fence row of trees and brush. Perfect for children up to about seven years of age!.. Miss Willow's Fence Row can be purchased on the net at.... CD Baby And at the following stores and businesses: In...Williamsport, PA Robert M. Sides, Learning Works; In...Mansfield, PA Black Swan In...Canton, PA New Life Book Store Canton Sentinel In Waynesboro, PA…

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